September 20, 2017

No new chapter yet, since it's not Sunday, but I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for checking out Tales of Miir. This month alone has brought in almost 150 unique visitors and we're rapidly approaching 200 in total which is admittedly small but means the world to me. Please continue to share and support what I do here and I will continue to try and bring you a great story.

Some updates!

As I continue to build up a backlog of chapters to be released in the standard increments I've realized that I have quite a bit of material so far and will have a huge amount by the end of the Phoenix Rising Arc. That said, here is my current plan for the future of Tales of Miir.

Following the conclusion of the current arc I will be compiling the first two arcs, Broken Angel and Phoenix Rising, and publishing them independently into a single novel which you will be able to buy digitally and/or physically. I'm researching how to do this in the manner that best suits me and my audience so look forward to more updates on that situation as it progresses.

My intention is to release each pair of arcs in their own novels until the story is finished, at which point I will probably release a single book containing every chapter and a special edition book that has all of the Patron exclusive content in it.

So that means you can anticipate owning Tales of Miir: Broken Angel - Phoenix Rising most likely before Summer 2018.

  Cheers! - S. T. Keaton